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Participant INKOM 2019
Are you going to study at Maastricht University or Zuyd Hogeschool? Subscribe here to become a participant of INKOM! The INKOM is the general introduction week of Maastricht, and will take place from Monday the 19th until Friday the 23rd of August. The INKOM offers you a broad program that covers all the different aspects of student life in Maastricht. For a complete overview of the program, please click here.

The organization has a legitimate interest to make photo and film shots during the INKOM for movies, films, the website, promotional purposes, social media, etcetera. By entering an event terrain, participants accept the legitimate interest of the organization to use the taken photo and film shots of the participant for movies, films, the website, journalistic purposes, promotional purposes, and to place these on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and Snapchat, as well as on physical promotion materials such as flyers and posters.

Enrollment participant

With this package you get access to all activities during the week. During the week there will be several free meals. This will be mentioned in the program further on. In addition, you will be granted access to our two MECC Parties on Tuesday and Friday night, as well as the cantus on Wednesday (normal price: €25,00).

Price: € 75,00

Mentor preference

We try to put together our groups based on the expectations they have of the INKOM and find mentors who fit as good as possible with them. That’s why we would like you to indicate for the following statements which one suits you best in an order from 1 to 3, where the first stands for the statement that suits you best.

Please note: we try our best to match the group members as good as possible but we can’t guarantee a perfect composition.

I like doing sports and I want to continue doing sports next to my studies.

I think it is important that I have a festive week with a lot of parties.

I would like to see everything that the city of Maastricht has to offer.



No stress about having a bike during your student time in Maastricht?! Take a Swapfiets!

What is Swapfiets?

Swapfiets student introduction deal
For you as a new student in Maastricht we have a special introduction week deal: the first 3 months your Swapfiets will costs €11,50 instead of the regular €13,50 (for a minimum of 3 months). After this period you could still use our bike and service for the regular student price of €13,50 per month. Also, with this introduction deal we will make sure that you can get your Swapfiets at the first day of the INKOM at the registrations.

Yes, I am interested in a Swapfiets! Hereby I give permission to the INKOM to share my name, telephone number and e-mail with Swapfiets so that they can contact me and I agree with the privacy statement of Swapfiets*.


During the week I would like to eat

During the week, you will receive several meals. These meals can be vegetarian, with meat or vegan, according to your preference. Below, you can state your preference. For the BBQ on Wednesday, you can make a separate choice, so it is possible to eat vegetarian the whole week, except for the BBQ, if you would like.

Tijdens de BBQ wil ik eten


Do you have any other dietary preferences/allergies

If you have any dietary preferences. If you have multiple dietary preferences, please let us know here using the remarks field bellow.

Sun glasses

Do you want to look good during the INKOM? Buy our official INKOM merchandise!

A pair of sunglasses costs €1,50.
Sorry there (online) are no products available.

Do you want to look good during the INKOM? Buy our official INKOM merchandise! We offer caps in several colours: blue, green, purple, pink and orange.

A cap costs €3,00.
Price: € 3,00


I support the charity of this year’s INKOM, The National Foundation for the Elderly (Het Nationaal Ouderenfonds), with a pledge of €1,00. The National Foundation for the Elderly is a charity that promotes combatting loneliness for elderly people in the Netherlands. For more information, check their website.
Price: € 1,00

How did you hear of us/find us?


Remarks regarding subscription:


You are about to enroll for the INKOM. The process consists of the following steps:

  1. Product choice
  2. Personal Information
  3. Overview
  4. Payment
  5. Confirmation

Complete them all!

If there is anything that we should know about you, for example a disability of any kind, please let us know by filling in the comments box.

If you have any questions about your enrollment or the INKOM itself, please click here for FAQ or contact us via or 043-3885335.

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